Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park my car?

We are located at 5 east 2nd Street in downtown Frederick. The church is on the corner of 2nd and Market Street to your right. If you are on 2nd Street, Parking Deck is accessed from church street or market look for the green sign. Remember it is free on Sunday mornings to park. If you attend a week day service we will give you a parking validation ticket to park on the Church street parking deck. If you have a problem, please pull in front of the church building and someone will help you.

What is a typical service like?

All of our worship services have a casual and informal atmosphere. The worship and music style varies; contemporary, traditional, upbeat, African, Carribean and more.

How long is our Sunday morning service?

Service Starts at 9am and end at 11am

What should I wear?

Come as you are. We are a casual church. You will l find a range of dress styles from jeans and t-shirts, to shorts and flip-flops, to an occasional sport jacket and dress. So come dressed however you are comfortable and you will fit right in.

Do I need a Bible?

If you own a Bible you will want to bring it. Our pastor does not preach sermons as much as he simply teach the Bible. He will refer to it often – and even encourage you to mark it up as your bible. If you don’t have one, just ask one of the ushers to borrow one until you get one of your own or share with the person sitting next to you. Pastor Neil teach from what is known as the New King James Version (NKJV) or Amplified Bible (AMP). If you have another version you are used to or prefer, bring it along. The differences from version to version are mostly minor. Having a NKJV will simply make it easier to follow along when Pastor Neil read or point out the wording in a particular verse or passage.

Where do my children go?

Your children go to a class that is tailored for them. This is provided only on Sunday Morning Service. Teachers are trained to handle children and you child will be taught the word of God at the level of their comprehension.

Where do I go once I get there?

Speak to an usher and they will be more than happy to help you.