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Group Home work

Growth Group Homework

For the week of October 8, 2017

Quick REViEW

This week at growth group meetings, we will practice how to observe a passage of scripture. Use the observation worksheet below to observe 2Timothy 1.



Read 2 Timothy 1:1-18 and write down your observations.

If you decide to put a jigsaw puzzle together, where do you start? Which pieces do you look for first? The four corners of course because they are obvious or easy to identify its straight edge. Similarly, in observation of the chapter start with the obvious: people, places and events.

 Observe the obvious

People ____________________________________________

Places _____________________________________________

Events _____________________________________________


Look for keywords or phrases (repeated words or phrases)


Look for

Words of contrast ____________________________________

Words of comparisons________________________________

Terms of conclusion __________________________________

Expression of time ___________________________________

Figures of speech ____________________________________


Determine the paragraph themes (summary statements)

Example, “Greetings” is the summary statement for verses 1-2




Determine the chapter theme (summary statement)


Using the chapter and paragraph themes what is the context of chapter one of 2nd Timothy? ___________________________________________________

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