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Growth Group feed back form

Growth Group End of Quarter Evaluation Form  


Group Name:  ___________________     Your Name:____________________________

 One of the best ways to improve any group is to evaluate it!  Tonight, you have the opportunity to assess both the strengths and weaknesses of your particular group.  The questions below will help you think through different aspects of your group life.  Please answer them thoroughly and honestly. 

 The Group  

 One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being in the group this quarter is . . .    

 Are you happy with the amount of time we spend each week in:  YES  NO  COMMENTS
 Small Group Discussion      
 Singing, if applicable      


Are you happy with the length of the meetings?  Yes _____   No _____  Please explain.     Are you comfortable with the number of people who participate in group discussions each week?  Do you think more people need to share?  Do you think some members tend to dominate the discussion?  Explain:    Do you have any other suggestions for improving the meetings?     

 My Plans  


For the next Family of 12 group session, I am planning on: a) Remaining in the same Family of 12 group

                                                                             b) Trying a new Family of 12 group

                                                                             c) Taking a break from Family of 12 groups

 The Homework  

 What do you like most about the homework?   What do you like the least?   If you could change it in just one way, what would you change, and why?   Would you say the length of the homework is: a) Just about right        b) A little too much      c) Not quite enough?  Please explain.   

 My Leader  

 One of the things I appreciate most about the leader is . . .    If your leader asked you for advice on whether he should talk more during meetings, or less, what would you tell him?   How would you complete the following statement? When it comes to listening skills, I would say our leader is . . . a) Excellent                                          c)  Averageb) Above average                                d)  Below average because . . .  

 My Hosts  

 One of the things I appreciate most about the hosts is . . .     One suggestion to help the hosts improve our meetings . . .(e.g. seating arrangements, lighting, temperature, refreshments, socials, etc.)

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