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Growth Group Meeting Format


Growth Group
(50 minutes for meeting)
OPENING                                                                              (3 MINS)
  • Welcome
  • Scope of Meeting
  • Greet Visitors
  • Distribute prayer request cards
LESSON DISCUSSION                                                         (30 MINS)
ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                           (2 MINS)
OBTAIN PRAYER REQUEST                                             (3 MINS)
  • Recognize birthdays/anniversaries
  • Praise reports
PRAYER TIME                                                                     (5 MINS)
  • Pray for prayer requests
EVANGELISM FOCUS                                                        (3 MINS)
  • Outreach strategies (one church member per month per group)
  • Prayer for harvest of souls
  • Prayer for uncommitted
DISMISSAL                                                                           (2 MINS)

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Service Times

Weekend Service

Sunday Morning @ 9AM - 10:45AM (Child Care Services Provided)

Weekday Service:

  1. Morning Prayer (Mondays-Fridays) @5am-5:30am
  2. Growth Groups (Monday - Saturdays) - Visit the find a Growth Group for more information
  3. Prayer Gathering: Last Friday of Each Month from 8pm - 10pm

Covenant Family Chapel

5 East 2nd Street, Frederick MD 21701