Leader Notes & Homework Guide

Preparing to Lead Your Group

  • Pray for insight as you begin to prepare to lead your group.
  • Ask for God’s wisdom, that the Holy Spirit will be the teacher and that you will be God’s instrument to lead the group to greater understanding and a willingness to commit to becoming more like God.
Prayer should be your primary source of personal preparation for leading your group.
  • Plan where you want to take your group in the next 60–90 days. Is your group strong in some areas and weak in others? How can you challenge the members to live more balanced Christian lives? Consider the implications of grace for eternity and make a plan to encourage your group members to growth and commitment in their weak areas. 
  • Ponder your progress after each session and at the end of a series. Reflect on what went well and what didn’t. Re-evaluation is key to your growth as a leader. Consider whether your plan is being effective in moving the group to greater understanding and commitment. How are you doing with leading the discussion: is it stimulating, challenging, and meaningful? Are you able to keep the group on track?  Do you need to make some changes? 

Using The Group Discussion Guide

This Group Discussion Guide is only a tool to aid you in meeting the needs of your group. For most groups there are too many questions to answer in one session together. After considering the needs of your group you may choose some of the questions for discussion. Choose questions that will help you achieve the

Goals for the Week 

Personal application is key to everyone’s growth and should be included in every discussion. When asked how he or she intends to apply a certain principle a group member may say, “I need to spend more time in the Bible and in prayer.” It is important for you to help group members make applications that are more specific and commit to a specific plan of action by asking, for example, “How are you going to begin?” An example is to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning, spending 15 minutes reading the Bible and 10 minutes in prayer. Encourage each group member to be accountable to the group for personal progress at the next meeting.

As the leader your goal is to help bring the group into a stimulating discussion that helps the members recognize their need for personal life change. Ultimately you want them to be willing to commit to change with accountability to the group. Accountability helps us to persevere in our commitments and achieve the blessings of success.



For the week of January 13, 2019

This weekend we continued our study about “The Holy Spirit: The Missing Ingredient”. We discussed the profile of Samson who illustrates to us two things: First, What happens when the Holy Spirit is present and active in our lives and second, what happens when the Holy Spirit is Missing in our lives.

  Group Discussion

  1. The angel said to the mother of Samson in Judges 13:5, that Samson will be a “Nazarite to God”.
    1. According to Numbers 6:1-21, the Nazarite Vow had five features, list them.
    2. By definition, the Hebrew word “Nazir”, simply means “to be separated or consecrated.”Using Samson as a type of the church or a type of average believer, are we also called to Consecration? 1 Peter 2:5
    3. Just as Samson’s consecration was a prerequisite for the MIGHTY MOVE of the Holy Spirit, could it be the same for us today? 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  2. Trace through the Book of Judges (Judges 13:25; 14:5-6, 19; 15:14)
    1. The number of times Samson was stirred by the Holy Spirit.
    2. What circumstances necessitated the move of the Holy Spirit in Samson’s life?
    3. When we are confronted with such circumstances, can we depend on the Holy Spirit?
  3. Read Judges 16:9, 14, 20-22 and discuss its relevance to us today.


Prayer Time :
Pray that we would consecrate ourselves so we can attract the power of God daily.