Have you ever wondered how to get the attention of the King?
“A chick closer to the mother gets the best part of the grasshopper”- is an Akan proverb. Meaning the child that is on the heart or close to the parent gets the best share. Parents love their children but there are times when a child will bring a special joy to a parent and be rewarded. In the same manner, our Father loves us all but there are times when we do get his attention with the things we do. 
Our Father the King rules in His kingdom and all things in the kingdom belongs to Him and are made for him. Therefore the gold, the diamond, the resources and the people are all His. He answers to no one.The only words that matter are the words of the King – the Bible. No one voted Him in and no one can vote Him out. He is King for ever and ever. Amen! The King’s rules and His decrees runs the kingdom. The King is all powerful so how then do you get the attention of such a King?
The world heard of Solomon, the son of king David and the richness of his kingdom. The queen of Sheba, came from the East to see king Solomon. She witnessed a kingdom where everyone was doing well including servants. If the world marveled at the richness and greatness of Solomon’s kingdom even more will they marvel at the kingdom of our God. For our King unlike Solomon is Holy and good.
But of all the things in the kingdom – the resources, the people and the many other things, what is the most precious to the King? Is it the stars? Maybe is the gold and diamond. The Bible describes the creation of the star in just five words – “He also made the stars”. But most note worthy, the Bible is full of stories on redemption. The stories of Noah and the ark, Abraham and Isaac to the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus all confirm God’s interest in redemption. His delight is not in creation but redemption – the redemption of his children.
The King loves His people and as a Father, loves His children. His people are dear to His heart. So if you want to get the attention of the King, love what He loves. Love ALL His people. But who are God’s people? Are they the Israelites? – Yes. Are the broken hearted His people? – Yes. What about the sexually confused and the abused? Yes. The sick and poor?  Yes! The elderly and the children? Yes, they are.  All people are God’s people.  Jesus died for all the world – John 3:16
So how do we love God’s people? There are many ways to love or show love. Jesus said the greatest among us should serve. You want to be the greatest? Serve God’s people. But what should I serve God’s people?. What is in your hands? Serve God’s people with what you have and see the King turns His attention to you. There are many ways to serve God’s people because there are many different gifts/talents available to us to serve.
We see healthcare professionals serving God’s people with their talents and skills especially in this season. If you are a teacher, you can teach God’s children. You are a counselor, many certainly need your talent. What about you pray for the sick and or even call a next door neighbor to offer a prayer and some encouraging words. Ask God to lead you in this season to serve His people. For such a time as this, you have been called in the Kingdom.