Friday, August 7 @ 6pm

Saturday, August 8 @ 3pm

Sunday, August 9 @ 3pm


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PASSWORD: 493977



Day 1:
Parable of the Sower and the Seed​ (Luke 8:4-15)
  • Big Idea: I can listen to Jesus
  • Memory Verse: Psalm 119:105

Day 2:
         Jesus Walks on Water            (Matthew 14:22-36)
  • Big Idea: I can focus on Jesus
  • Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:5

Day 3:
   Jesus Chooses His Disciples           (Luke 5:1-11, 27-32)
  • Big Idea: I can follow Jesus
  • Memory Verse: Romans 8:39




Day 1:
    • Square pieces of paper for origami (at least 2 per person)
    • Plastic cups (1 for every 2 people

Day 2:         
  • Square pieces of paper for origami (at least 1 per person)
  • Plastic bins, buckets, or large bowls (2 per team)
  • Sponge—bigger is better (1 per team)
  • Possible substitution: t-shirt or hand towel
  • Towels for drying off
Day 3:
  • Square pieces of paper for origami (at least 1 per person)
  • Whipped topping (1-2 tubs)
  • Goldfish crackers (1 bag/box)
  • Bowls (1 per team)
  • Towels for cleanup


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Head, Shoulders, Cup

Supplies Needed: Plastic cups (1 for every 2 players)

Directions: Have people pair up with each other and kneel face to face. Place one plastic cup in-between each pair. When you say “head,” everyone must touch their head. When you say “shoulders,” everyone must touch their shoulders. Quickly alternate between saying “head” and “shoulders” for about 10-15 seconds, then say “cup.” When you say “cup,” the first person to grab the cup wins the round. Play as many rounds as the kids would like. If you have enough players, you can have the winners play each other until there is only one champion. (This game is demonstrated in the Day 1 video.


DAY 2 GAMES:         


Supplies Needed: Bins or buckets (2 per team), sponge (1 per team), towels

Directions: Have everyone lie on their back side by side. Place a bin of water by the person on one end and an empty bin by the person on the other end. The object is to transfer all of the water from one bin to the other using a sponge. The person by the bin full of water must dunk the sponge, then pass it down the line to the last person, who will then squeeze the water into the empty bin before passing the sponge back and repeating. The players will get wet and they’ll love it! Thicker sponges work better than small kitchen sponges/scrubbing pads. You can also substitute the sponge with a t-shirt or hand towel. (This game is demonstrated in the Day 2 video.)


Fishy Face

Supplies Needed: Whipped topping (1-2 tubs), goldfish crackers (1 bag/box), bowls (1 per team), towels for cleanup

Directions: Choose some players to put whipped topping on their face like a beard. Place a bowl of goldfish crackers about 15 feet away from them. On “go,” have their teammates race back and forth, grabbing one goldfish cracker at a time and sticking it to their bearded partner. See which team can apply the most goldfish crackers in 1 minute. Work quickly before their beards have time to fall off! If there aren’t enough people for multiple teams, make it a simple challenge to see how many crackers can be applied in the allotted time. (This game is demonstrated in the Day 3 video.)