In Crisis Don’t Panic


In these times it is very easy to focus on the problems we are faced with and forget that there are benefits to this and every crisis. A crisis may seem to be destructive but it can turn out to be constructive depending on how you manage the crisis. “In crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize the opportunity” (John F Kennedy). If crisis can be beneficial no matter how destructive it may be, then it is important to find these benefits and maximize them.


Generally, crisis opens our eyes to what we have taken for granted. I believe that we are grateful for what we are grateful for but there are things we may have taken for granted and crises tends to reminds of what life is about. Secondly, crisis helps us to make needed changes in our priorities. For example, many churches have had to retool to fit the times and engage in what matters; taking care of those in need. Thirdly, crises reveal a lot about us and others. It shows how prepared we are for any unexpected occurrences. Truth be told it is during crisis, we see who loves and who is ready to sacrifice for you. Our healthcare and frontline workers have shown their love for people and country by putting their lives at risk to save many. The crisis has revealed to us beyond our politics who love us for real. I can go on and on and show that there are benefits to every bad thing that happens. Let me share with you, one most important thing which I think we need to focus on with the stay-at-Home order. And it is this; crises create opportunities for innovation and growth.


The key to finding opportunities or benefits in crisis centers on the way the crisis forces us to become innovative and creative. I believe that you have heard the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention”. It is time to think beyond the norm to new ways of dealing with the problems we are confronted with. I believe you can and we can. Jon Huntsman, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, in his book, Winners Never Cheat: Even in difficult times reminds us of this truth, that “Humans seldom have created anything of lasting value unless they were tired or hurting.” So, may I ask you, what will you do differently after this crisis?

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