Happy Father’s Day


One Father is more than a hundred schoolmasters – George Herbert
In his book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people –  Stephen Covey encourages his readers to begin with the end in mind. He paints a vivid picture with the end of your life in mind. Imagine you’re dead in a casket in front of a pulpit. Your pastor is standing right at your shoulder about to give the eulogy. The room is full of people in tears there to wish you farewell. WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO BE SAID ABOUT YOUR LIFE? Most importantly what would you want God to say about your life? Good and faithful servant?  As a father, what would you want your children to say about their lives with you? With all this in mind, now live your life with that end in mind (emphasis mine)
Having the end in  mind can be important in every aspect of our lives, in building our careers, in managing our health as well as in raising our children. As a father what end do you envision for your children and what are you doing to get them to that end. The life of a father parallels that of our Heavenly Father which makes it vital for the instructions and commendations of a father in the house. Many studies have shown the effect of absentee fathers on children and on a society as a whole.  It all goes to show how important our fathers are to us and our societies. To create a better world we sure need our fathers who will help build the next generation.

“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.” – Psalm 127:4

This verse describes our children as arrows. An arrow is of no use if not shot. But there are factors that affects the speed  and distance with which an arrow travels. The most important factor is the weight of the arrow.  The heavier the arrow, the greater the efficiency and the energy stored in the bow and the greater the speed the arrow can attain. What weight are you giving to your children?  What value are we giving your children? Do we give our approval only when they bring good grades or we let them know they are perfect and loved anyway?

During the baptism of our Lord Jesus at the Jordan River, the Holy Spirit descended on him and the voice of the Father was heard saying “this is my beloved son in him I’m well pleased”. – Matthew 3:17.  This was even before Jesus did any miracle on earth. I believe having the Father’s approval empowered him to do many miracles on Earth.  
With that in mind, how far will you want to shoot your arrow ( children)? Put value in them. Encourage them. Speak words of approval over them and that will empower them to get to the expected end you would wish to take them. Bless your children and see them become a blessing.
Happy Father’s Day!
 Photo credit – Gifty Ametewee
Edited by – Augustine Adonteng

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