Summer Missions


In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus told his disciples these words:
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
In this scripture Jesus tells us that the church exist for two reasons: first, to evangelize (‘go, make disciple and baptize’) and secondly, to educate (teach them to observe all I have commanded you). From this scripture we receive our spiritual mandate for missions.


Our primary focus in any mission’s effort is to GLORIFY GOD
As a church all our missions programs and activities have as a focus DISCIPLESHIP MAKING.

At Home Missions

Community Service Impact is a ministry of Covenant Family Chapel dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus and showing God’s love in tangible ways through our service to the community.

  • Bring a Meal & Help Us Feed Our Community!
  • Donate Blood
  • Service projects you can do as a family

Create some “kits” that can easily be done from home.  These kits (containing, toiletries) will bless CFC Community partners. Community Partners and will surely bring a smile to someone’s face.  Involve your entire family, Growth Group, neighbors, or just do it yourself!

  • Ways to Love on Seniors

Partner with organizations in the community to serve our seniors.  Some don’t have family nearby to check on them, so a blessing bag, toiletry kit, grocery delivery, or a ride to the doctor’s office can be such an important service.  It can help uplift their spirits and give them and their family members peace of mind.

  • Helping Veterans
  • Helping At Risk You
  • Abuse Women Shelter
  • Single Mothers
  • Cleaning Hospital
  • Helping at Nursing Homes
  • Packing launch for First Responders 

Feeding the homeless is our duty as Christians and currently CFC is involved in feeding the homeless in our community. Serving Food the Frederick Soup kitchen is a good way to connect with our community. This program helps to feed the homeless and some low-income families in our community. Even though the soup kitchen provides evening meals throughout the week, CFC volunteers normally serve on Weekends. You could also volunteer to serve week days. For a detailed program overview, please visit the Frederick County Government Website at

To volunteer through our church, please call 301-696-8555 and leave a message for Rita Owusu-Ansah, our program coordinator.

Working with SWAT to provide community service to our residents.  S.W.A.T. – Serving With A Testimony program is based of Maryland and designed to give a hand to those in need by bringing the Church into the community. The website is
To volunteer through our church, please call 301-696-8555 and leave a message for Christopher Obiamiwe and Appiah Boateng Kusi, our program coordinators.

Abroad Missions

MERCY SHIP – Free Surgeries to African Children & Adults Type of Surgeries

Maxillofacial, Plastic Reconstructive, Orthopedic, Women’s Health, General Surgeries, Eye Care, Oral Health Mental Health, Palliative Care
Your missions offering will help us to continue to support Mercy Ships and one of the Crew Member family on board the ship over 20 some years.
The objective of the Millstone Village is to improve the very spirit, mind and body of the lost, at-risk children by reaching out to them with God’s unconditional love after rescuing them. 
Your missions offering will help us to continue to support Millstone International to bring freedom to children sold into slavery.
Creating Awareness, Sharing Knowledge and Support for Persons Affected by Autism.
Your missions offering will help us to continue to support Autism Society of Ghana to bring hope to the autistic and their families.
The resource center provides access to resources and tools for providers and caregivers of special needs individuals. Tools available include access to books, videos and, playground and other informative materials.
Helping under-privileged children through their education  
Your missions offering will help us to continue to support GECC.
Your missions offering will help us to continue to supports Native Tribal Churches of Davao Province, Philippines to bring the gospel to heavily populated Islamic and pagan communities. 
Pastor Rolando & Sis Belen Aboloc and their five children are the founders of the Native tribal church began in 1996 in a heavily populated Moslem and pagan communities.
Covenant Family Chapel has helped the Aboloc’s to start new congregations in 2015 to date in Davao Province and now there are eight (8) congregations. Pray for the converts, Pastor Aboloc and family.

Needs: Training for the pastors for these new congregations and building of worship centers. 

Helping Girls from The Northern Region of Ghana to get an education. 
Your missions offering will help us to continue to support Porter’s Hand to bring education to the girls in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Potter’s hand was begun by one of our Sister’s Emelia Nicholas

Royal Seed Home (RSH) is a residential children’s home.  RSH provides food, shelter, education, for 53 orphans and 80 community care children.  

Your missions offering will help us to continue to support Royal Seed Home of Ghana to bring hope to orphans, that there is hope for their future.
Current Needs:Develop a nearby plot of farmland to become the children’s primary home and expansion of school.