The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on our actions, adventures and our thoughts. The minor details of each day might not be remembered but there are some moments that stay with us. So as we evaluate the year, we take note of our mistakes not to repeat them. But most importantly we take note of our successes so we make efforts to repeat them.
Yet there is also an important time in the year that we often forget to take inventory of – The Chaotic times. If there was chaos in the year then do review the year bringing it to light.
There is always a purpose in our chaos. We usually focus on just the effect of the chaos that we never think of it as having a purpose. Never go through the chaos without getting the purpose.

What purpose can be in chaos?


Bringing Us back to our sensesWe usually find life very chaotic when we decide to do it alone. In that case we tend to do everything with our own strength and wisdom. We do so much but see little or no success. On the outside we look very busy and yet not productive. We were robbed of our peace because we did not have the strength and wisdom to do it all alone. Could it be the chaos was there to let us know something was wrong? Maybe it was a moment to pause. A moment to pay attention and noticed the quietness of the Holy Spirit. Could it be those chaotic moments were because the Holy Spirit was on mute whilst we did it all alone?

Helping Us pay attentionPlans are established by seeking advice; so if you wage war, obtain guidance – Proverbs 20:18 The Bible advises we seek advice in everything we do – Godly advice! It is unfortunate how abundant ungodly advice has become. Televisions, social media and many people give advice on different range of issues – from marriage to raising kids to finances. Many people give advice not according to the word of God but on personal experiences. Could it be the reason for the chaos this year was the many voices of influence. Take heed what you hear, the Bible says.There are many influencer out there so be careful who you listen to. Could the cause of the chaos be due to those subtle voices? How do you go into the new year knowing this?

Helping Us get back on our pathIn our pursuit for personal success, we often see people who are successful and out of admiration want to do exactly the same thing they are doing. Learn what you can from them but don’t follow their path. This could cause a lot of chaos in our personal and emotional lives. Your path is different from mine. You have been equipped and given the grace for that path. Following the same path would mean to produce my own grace for the journey. This would cause me my peace. Could the chaos be because we’re trying to walk someone else’s path?

Trying to put a comma where God puts a full stop – There was a time of frustration in the year for me. God had closed a door that I was so desperately praying to open. I was so bent on having it my way, I refused to see it as a closed door. I tried ways to open the door myself causing more chaos and frustration as you might have guessed.  This is mostly the case when our focus is on our personal desires, we tend to miss the places where God has put a full stop. Could this be the cause of the chaos?

Pausing to see God’s way – Could it also be that the chaos only existed because you never looked at things through the eyes of God? Maybe it was just an illusion. Maybe it was a perfect year but you only saw it chaotic. You only did not enjoy it because it did not unfold as you would have wished it. Perhaps you wanted the unfolding to go from A to Z but then you received it from Z to A. If you would take time to review the year, it would help you enjoy the coming year much more. You would learn to see things through God’s eyes as you go through the new year.
What purpose did you find in your chaos? How does that help you moving forward? Don’t miss the purpose!

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