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Summer Home Schooling Training

 Online Event

 From June 29-August 3, 2023 7:00PM to 7:45PM

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 Sessions will cover…..

Foundations in Biblical Home Education

A Ten Session Introductory Course to Home Instruction, WCFS Academy, and our Heritage Education License Program (H.E.L.P. )

Location: Live classes are held at the WCF/S Ministry headquarters,
16827 Sabillasville RD, Sabillasville, MD 21780

Online: A live stream link will be emailed to each registered participant. Register by emailing us at:
Cost: There is no charge to attend this lecture series. Donations accepted.

1st Class, 1st Session: Thursday, June 29, 7:00pm
Foundational Philosophy: Children are a Heritage of the Lord.
Understanding Parent Directed Education and the duty of parents to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition
of the Lord.

1st Class, 2nd Session: Thursday, June 29, 7:45pm
Primer on MD Ed. Law., compulsory attendance, 7-301.
Understanding Parents’ Educational Choices.

2nd Class, 1st Session: Thursday, July 6, 7:00pm
How to Diligently Train Your Children. Deuteronomy 6

“Impressing” Your Children using Immersion/Saturation and the teachable moment.

2nd Class, 2nd Session: Thursday, July 6, 7:45pm
Academic preview: Course Selection Options

Home-based activities are educational opportunities when designed with accountability and documentation.

3rd Class, 1st Session: Thursday, July 13, 7:00pm
Think “Apprenticeship”: From Novice to Master, 1Thessalonians 4:11-12

How to Cultivate Executive Function

3rd Class, 2nd Session: Thursday, July 13, 7:45pm
Don’t make Academic education the end-all focus of parenting.

Are you preparing your children for Harvard or Heaven? 
(How do academics fit into the full spectrum of your family lifestyle?)

4th Class, 1st Session: Thursday, July 20, 7:00pm
Forming a Heritage and Education and License program with WCFS

Part One: The Mission, Values, Vision, and Goals of WCFS’s H.E.L.P. Edu-safe Program

4th Class, 2nd Session: Thursday, July 20, 7:45pm
Forming a Heritage and Education and License program with WCFS

Part Two: How an affiliate can join WCFS.

5th Class, 1st Session: Thursday, July 27, 7:00pm
Enrolling directly into WCFS

Part One: The application and enrollment process

5th Class, 2nd Session: Thursday, July 27, 7:45pm
Enrolling directly into WCFS

Part Two: Final details and Q&A

SALT AND LIGHT TRAINING  – July 19, 26 and August 2 from 7-8pm

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This training equips you to serve in the city of Frederick. CFC collaborates with THE BRIDGE a Christian NGO. Who receives help request and you can help. CFC wants you to get trained and certified so you can serve in many capacities with the bridge. Watch a little promo about the BRIDGE. Click HERE


  • To equip and deploy you to the work of ministry, that your light shines before men, that they may see our good works and glorify the Father. 

Why do we feel like this training is needed in the church?

  • God’s Plan:  All believers are called to serve alongside and help carry the load as leaders are focused on important internal needs.  

  • Busyness:  Due to busyness, congregants either aren’t aware of serving opportunities in our community or don’t know how to engage. 

  • Worldliness:  Worldliness tries to drive Christians out of the public square; in response, we should humbly and boldly serve with the name of Christ on our lips.  

What key points (takeaways) do we want to highlight?

  • Why we serve: 

    • Salt/Light manifestation to the world of Christ in us His body, the Church, the great mystery that now overcomes the darkness.  (Ephesians 4; Sermon on Mt; Rev 2-3)

    • We’ve been so loved by Jesus we just can’t help ourselves.

  • How to serve:

    • Gifts/Roles – finding my place, serving with teams

    • Needs and Opportunities

      • What are the on ramps for busy people at church and in community at large?

      • Introduction to the organizations with which The BRIDGE works

    • Attitude in service – trauma training, ACE’s


KNOW YOUR GIFT – July 3, 10, 17, 24, from 7-8pm

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The “maker” of a thing is the only one who can tell why he/she made that thing. God created you for a purpose, so only He can tell you your purpose. God equipped you with what you need to accomplish your mission or assignment in life. What you are is already in you and you have to discover it? In this class you will learn how to discover your purpose and gifts. This class will help affirm what God has already revealed to you.