October 24, 2020

To God be the glory! I had been anemic for quite sometime and was put on iron supplement to bring my iron levels back to the normal range. Well, there were no improvement, so my PCP ( primary care physician) referred me to a hematologist for iron infusion. I said to myself ” I refuse this infusion in Jesus name.” Since I know very well these infusions can cause complications later. Last week Sunday at church, Pastor Neil said, ” he wants to invite anybody who is believing God for something that looks difficult in the eyes of men and wants to stand with them in prayer.” I exercise by faith and came to the altar for God to change my story. That week I  got a message from the doctor… stated “Good news! you don’t need the infusion anymore your blood work came back and its in the normal range.” HALLELUJAH  WE SERVE A LIVING GOD! I am sharing this testimony to give  ALL the Glory to God for answering my prayer and also to encourage someone who is about to give up or have already given up, not to be discouraged but rather be persistent in prayers. Keep believing and trusting in Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Amen!!


December 19, 2020

Thank you for preaching transforming messages and thank you for all you and Lady D are doing for us, children of God. 

Last Sunday was amazing. I CANNOT describe what happened because I myself was totally consumed by the Holy Ghost . Pastor, I’ve been dealing with on and off sharp pains in my abdomen for sometime now. About two years ago, my doctor had me get some blood work done because she was worried. Long story short, we did bloodwork, did an ultrasound as well and some things came back positive. Been on iron for a while now. Last Monday, I went it for more blood work and another ultrasound.Pastor, EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY NORMAL! iron level, thyroid, everything! He’s still in the business of healing, Jesus! I’m so in awe this message can’t explain it. My doctor kept asking if I was okay cos lol she was surprised too. 

We will KEEP praying like We mean it. God is good. He has no RIVAL!!!