What wavelength are you on?

I recently had a conversation with a young man who was not sure if the Holy Spirit speaks to him. Our conversation led to many other discussions on the Holy Spirit and I was made well aware of the spookiness people have attached to the Holy Spirit. My answer was very simple. The Holy Spirit is a person and He speaks.
Has He ever spoken to you he asked?
Yes, always, I answered emphatically. Now many believers wait for an external voice to speak to them. Even though that does happens sometimes that is not the norm. The Holy Spirit indwells us and as Jesus said He will teach us all things. If He is able to teach then He speaks.
The question then is how come some do not hear him?
It’s because they are not on the same wavelength as the Holy Spirit. They have switched to other wavelengths on their own. Why can’t the Holy Spirit switch them back was the next question I got. I remember my dad once said “oh how I wish the Holy Spirit could control me like a robot, how amazing that will be”. But unfortunately, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God himself and who gives as the free will to choose. If we want to hear from Him, we would have to choose to switch to His wavelength because the Holy Spirit is gentle and will not force us.
But what wavelength is that? He asked.

Well, the Spirit of God operates on the wavelength of peace. Peace ? He asked again. Yes, peace! If you’re all agitated inside, you’re on a different wavelengths and you will not be able to hear Him. He is there speaking at all times but cannot reach you because you have switched wavelength. The Bible calls God – the God of peace – Romans 15:33.

How do I get the inward peace you’re talking about? He asked
The Bible says we should first and foremost guard our hearts. Many believers are guarding many other things. Our jobs, our families , our finances, our future but not our hearts. Guarding your heart is your responsibility as guarding all the other things is God’s. I believe as we guard our hearts, we will prevent worries and be on the same wavelength with the Holy Spirit. As much as possible, keep your hear from being troubled and you will have an inner peace from which you will hear the voice of the Spirit.
Secondly, many believers unfortunately are holding grudges. Some believers would just not forgive!
Unforgiveness is like taking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to dies – Marianne Williamson.We hold these grudges which worry our hearts and let us loose our peace. When we loose our peace we leave the wavelength of the Holy Spirit and causes us more headaches and heartaches.When we forgive, we save ourselves from the inside turmoils that steals our peace and most often our health. 

Thirdly, the Holy Spirit is called the spirit of truth – John 15:26. He bears witness to the truth. What truth are you reading or hearing? The word of God is truth. May be you are paying attention to the many facts on the new and social media but the Holy Spirit cannot bear witness to that. His words of truth gives us peace and He bears witness to them. You hear the Holy Spirit louder when you are reading and hearing truth. For in His light, we see light – Psalm 36:9b

Last but not the least, could it be the Holy Spirit is speaking but He is on mute and you cannot hear? I asked. Maybe and just maybe you have just not paid attention and therefore unfamiliar with His voice. You might have your attention on all other things. As believers we should be able to hear Him always and not just in prayer. I agree we hear him most in prayer but it should be a usual thing to hear from the Holy Spirit all the time. He speaks all the time even after prayers. We just have to mute the world so we can hear Him.
John 14:26
But the Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost (Spirit) whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. – KJV (emphasis mine)
The Holy Spirit is able to teach us all things. He will teach us to manage our finances, our marriage, our careers, our children and all things. 
How do I know when he speaks? he asked .
I remember when I had my first baby, after a little while when I speak across the room, he would move his head in my direction. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice – John 10:27. You would know! And there is nothing spooky about it.
What wavelength are you on? If you want to hear the Holy Spirit, switch your wavelength.