Steadfast Teens of
Righteous Morals & Power

college group


To enrich the lives of teenager through Christian fellowship, fun, drama and the ministry of the word of God.


Building steadfast, teens of righteous morals and power


  • Provide teenagers with an area in the ministry that they feel is theirs, and is there to meet their needs
  • Create an environment that will give teens an opportunity to work within the ministry of helps, and use their gifts and talents to the glory of God
  • Provide activities, trips, events, and cultural experiences that promote good Christian fellowship, and show that Christians can have fun, too.
  • Sow into the hearts of teens the fear of God, by instilling in them moral and spiritual values.
  • Build the self esteem and self worth of teens through the study of their biblical heritage.
  • Renew the thinking of teens concerning the value of education
  • Instill in teens a strong work ethics.


  • Weekly bible study (Study outline will be provided)
  • Monthly Explosion
  • Yearly Fresh Fire (Retreat/Camp meeting)
  • Evening of Elegance (bi-annual event of recognition of various achievements in sports, academic, etc)
  • Quality Choice Ceremony (yearly pledge before God, families, and the church to avoid sex before marriage, drugs, etc).


STORMP Director – This person carries out the vision of the STORMP and also oversees the development of STORMP volunteers, youth, and activities.
STORMP Executives (President, Vice, Secretary, Treasure, PR etc) Assist in carrying out the vision of the STORMP.
Volunteers (can be any church worker willing to help with programs)
Assist in carrying out the vision of the STORMP
Captains (This is a group of core teens that are committed to righteousness, and serve as an example. Their roll is to exert good peer pressure on other teens. Your goal is to coach them to become better team players.
Special events, competitions, word of mouth, will be used to choose captains.

This is a means of communicating the objectives, in a manner that all participants understand. This includes:

  1. Workshops
  2. Phones call to volunteers
  3. Information Flyer – LINK
THE LINK (Parents Connection)
The Link is an Information Flyer through which we minister to the parents of teenagers in our congregation. We stress to parents the importance of getting their teens involved in the ministry. The link keeps parents abreast of the events that the ministry will be hosting for teenagers and how their teens can get involved. We also use this as a means by which parents can raise champions for Christ.
In order to have an effective ministry we will follow some rules to establish discipline which will be printed on the back of programs monthly as a reminder.
These rules are:
  • No weapons, tobacco, alcohol, or illegal narcotics
  • No talking or disturbance during meetings
  • No romantic displays of affection
  • No abuse of equipment or facilities
  • No running or horseplay in the building at any time
  • Absolutely no fighting
  • No speeding in vehicles
  • Put all trash in trash cans
  • Obey and respect all staff or leaders
  • No hanging around in the lobbies or outside the building during service
  • No profanity on church grounds, or at any church sponsored activity
  • You must have fun, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • We hope that everyone will behave appropriately, but if situations do arise, consequences for violating the STORMP rules will be enforced.
1st Violation – Teen will be escorted to the back row, close to the STORM peacekeeper
2nd Violation – Teen will be escorted outside and confronted by a STORMP Peacekeeper
3rd Violation – Teen will be suspended from STORMP for 4 weeks. After the four weeks has expired teen and his or her parents will meet with a STORMP Director and or pastor to apologize and to get permission to return to STORMP.
Give the youth the chance to have their own worship service which is entirely different from the adult worship service.
Through this program they also learn ways to deal with peer pressure and how they can become a witness for Christ.